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While always an artist, Leetal didn't grow up with fashion on her mind, she started her journey with photography and film. It was only while working freelance in the LA film industry that she took up sewing with her free time. Quickly realizing she had an affinity for the craft, it took less than a year of home sewing for Leetal to become obsessed with fashion and her life changed forever. Platt spent a year at the Paris College of Art in France, FIDM in Los Angeles, and Koefia Accademia in Rome before resettling in New York. Since 2014 Platt has received numerous awards and recognition for her designs including the 2015 Best in Show award at FIDM, and a spot as a finalist in the Supima Design Competition at New York Fashion Week. Platt takes a fairly loose approach to sketching in order to accommodate for varying responses to fabric behavior. With deep research into couture, the use of textiles, hardware, and shape all come together to form Platt’s design point of view, which she calls “Hard Elegance”, a timeless mix of the romantic and futuristic.

Leetal is currently accepting commissions for custom designs as well as rentals and collaborations with stylists. For design development and pricing, email via the contact page. For item sales, visit the SHOP

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